Fiverr tips: 19 Powerful Secret Techniques (2019)


Do you know there are hundreds of sellers who are making $1000+ per month even more from Fiverr & other freelancer websites only by selling their services and skills.

They get their gigs ranked at the top for their keywords and drive more sales to their gigs by using Fiverr tips.


Fresh freelancers don’t know exact algorithm that Fiverr use to rank any gigs, but let me tell you how to rank top your gig on Fiverr.

Here is I reviewed most advanced Fiverr tips that work in 2018.

Once you have done everything from setting up your profile to your Fiverr gig get live you need to apply this secret strategy to get your gig at the top and get sales flowing in. Make sure your profile is 100% complete. This has been secret.

A few months ago, Fiverr rolled out an all-new search algorithm.

Therefore, ranking on Fiverr has become more difficult than ever.

So I’ve got some points after deep research that will skyrocket your Fiverr rankings.

The best part?

All of these proven strategies are working GREAT in 2018.

Let’s do this!

19 Fiverr Secret Tips (The Definitive Guide)


-Make enticing pictures for your gigs.

-Ask your patrons for positive feedback: If you would like to create your gigs a lot of in style and enticing, you must raise your patrons to post regeneration and smart rating after you end your tasks.

This will create different potential patrons have a lot of trust on your gigs and your TAT (turn around time).

-A video will flip your whole life. patrons trust a lot of on your gigs. this may increase your probability to possess a lot of sales at 80%-90%.

-Submit your gigs to Social Networks: If you’ve got time, share each gig of yours to Social networks for a lot of Exposure. onceindividuals do search on Google, they’ll see your gigs too.

sides the above-featured tips, you’ll follow different techniques below to extend your sales: All square measure quite simple to use and build your gigs stand out the crowd:

–Offer one thing distinctive.

– Use a sexy and original image (make a pleasant and skilled image for yourself, this is often terribly simple, you’ll be able tohead to google search and use some tools to change it).

– after you have a procurement, try and deliver in time, that’s vital for your name. Send a message to consumers if you can notcomplete tasks in time, this can assist you won’t be left with feedback or the Cancellation standing.

– supply an honest bonus if you get multiple orders. this can assist you get a lot of orders from identical client.

– Be quick along with your reply. Customers love prompt responses from sellers.

– Capitalize the vital words so as to assist to draw in eyes.

– Add as several gigs as you’ll be able to, therefore by doing this fashion, you’ll be able to have a lot of likelihood to induce a lot of sales.

– create collections for your gigs. this can assist you have an honest likelihood to draw potential consumers.

Using this secret you’ll be able to rank any gig at the first position for any keyword on Fiverr in but forty eight hours.

But these square measure Short Term methodology I search upon it and notice nineteen Powerful Secret Techniques that really work with Fiverr Ranking algorithms.

Here Question is :

How to rank on Fiverr?


You have to form positive that you just area unit mistreatment correct and applicable tags for your gigs otherwise you’ll not be able to rank and conjointly you need to embrace you wish to rank for in your Gigs Title and descriptions.

For Example: If you’re making an attempt to rank your gig for web site development and designing then you must use following tags like:-

Website Development
Website style
WordPress Development
Website Creation
E-commerce web site
and many more…!

Sharing your profile to LINKEDIN may be a much-appreciated observe to draw in shoppers.

Point a pair of aren’t counseledhowever it works :


If you can drive real visitor that are nice however if you can’t, then you’ve got to send a minimum of 200-250 pretend visit/hits.

This will boost your gigs impression and can be a lot of visible purchase|to shop for}ers WHO area unit willing to buy your services.

If you don’t savvy to urge pretend guestswill you’ll be able to} get some gigs on Fiverr WHO can offer pretend visits to your gigs however don’t overuse them.



Create a fake account on Fiverr and buy your own gig twice/thrice at least and give good ratings and review. (In this you will only lose $2-$3)



Leave distinctive feedback to each review. Your purchasers can invariably browse your reviews before they purchase something from you, and this is often your initial probability to point out them however you move together with your purchasers, and additional significantly, however you will move with them.



If you are not obtaining views, it might be as a result of you’ve got solely got one gig. If this is often the case, then you ought todiversify your portfolio and build multiple gigs within the same class.

This will get you additional impressions and ultimately additional clicks, and even though you do not maintain of these gigs within the long-standing timecan} be a good thanks to assist you work out what you sell that folks will truly purchase.

Another strategy that I’ve used is to feature my gigs within my gigs. thus for instanceyou’ll be able to check out my gig for a tarot card reading, however you may conjointly see mention of my gig for ritual services. Cross promotion of my gigs among my gigs has been a terrific method of showcasing everything that I offer.



Fiverr could be a suggests that to Associate in Nursing finish, not Associate in Nursing finish in itself. you recognize once you buy groceries and therefore the clerk hands you the location machine wherever you swipe your credit or debit card? That’s what Fiverr is: it’s some extent of sale machine.

Yeah, Fiverr advertises itself and hunts up some purchasers for you, however ultimately you’re not Associate in Nursing workerof Fiverr, you’re a freelancer World Health Organization works for yourself and Fiverr is just the strategy by that you collect payments from your purchasers.

Because Fiverr could be a suggests that to Associate in Nursing finish (living a contract lifestyle), which means you continue tohave to be compelled to do your own advertising. If you’re not attending to advertise yourself, or you’re not willing to try and dothe work to be told however then Fiverr isn’t attending to be a decent expertise for you.

If you are a author, begin a diary and use it to push your Fiverr page. If you do not wish to write and luxuriate in speaking, begin a podcast. Or if you get pleasure from the video, do regular Google Hangouts and build use of your YouTube channel. specialize in having fun, being attractive, and making or sharing fun content. If you are solely victimisation these platforms to sell, you will get unnoticed extremely quick.


No matter however tiny Associate in Nursing quantity $5 has become in today’s world, for loads people it’s still one thing we do not need to risk on a nasty expertise.

I promise my shoppers that i will respect their cash and if i can not create their order right, then i will offer them a refund.

A mutual cancellation could be a heap higher than a negative review, and my shoppers appreciate knowing that I will not try and strong-arm them.

If a money-back guarantee causes you to nervous, simply keep in mind that if your shopper gets cranky and complains regarding it, Fiverr will not have your back and they’re going to most likely cancel your order, anyway.

And speaking from my very own expertise, this can be a policy that hasn’t been abused. My cancellation rate at the time of this writing is a smaller amount than 1 Chronicles, and of these orders canceled the overwhelming majority of them were from shoppers World Health Organization requested work I did not supply or World Health Organization ordered by mistake.



If you’re getting no orders, don’t fall into the trap of trolling other sellers’ reviews and trying to contact their clients.

Not only is this spam, and not only is this against Fiverr’s terms of service (and can get you removed from Fiverr), but this is also a really fast way to get blocked and reported by the very people you want to do business with.

I genuinely understand the frustration of wanting to earn an income and not being able to connect with clients, but sending spam email on the Fiverr message system is not a solution. Don’t do it.



Write your gig so that the title, description, and tags all match. Having at least one of the same key-words in all three areas helps your search ranking on Fiverr.

Also, if you offer a niche service, don’t use just niche tags: also use tags related to the larger category so you’ll get in front of more eyes.



Good reviews build confidence and make clients more likely to buy. Do everything possible to take care of your clients and earn their 100% positive, five-star reviews, and don’t start buying or creating fake reviews.

If your work’s not outstanding, clients will see the fake reviews and figure out that you’re padding your own gigs.

Plus, when you’re a new seller, you get a special ranking from Fiverr, but as soon as you start padding your gigs with fake orders, you lose that special ranking.



Speaking of the special new-seller ranking that you get from Fiverr, be sure to get off to a good start by completing everything on your gig at the same time. Don’t write a title, add one photo, write a description, and publish it, because you’ll make a bad first impression on your clients. Write all the content, select all the photos, create your banner, record your video, write a couple PDF files as extended portfolios of your work, pick your tags, and settle on your extras ahead of time so that when publishing the gig you’ll hit the ground running.



One of the best tools you can use to improve your chances of getting noticed and making sales is the meta-analysis, and what this means is doing an analysis of multiple analyses. For example, look at a seller in your category who has a lot of success.

How is that seller’s title written? Look at the keywords in the title and think about why they’re there. Then, do the same for another successful seller in your category. And another, and so on, until you start to see patterns emerge.

If you want to do this the easy way, you can use an online word-cloud generator to aggregate all the titles of big sellers in your category. You will see patterns emerge. There is a reason certain words are chosen.

And as part of writing a great title, make sure it fits within the space available.

You’ll notice that when you write the title there’s text that says, “Too short!,” “Just right!,” or “Too long!” That text isn’t there because it looks pretty.

Fiverr has simplified the gig creation process for sellers and provided tips that tell you exactly what you need to do in order to succeed. If you write a gig title that’s too long, then it’ll get cut off in search results and will make you look unprofessional.

Don’t write titles that are just strings of key-words. Instead, write titles describe your service in words that a reasonable person would understand.



TThis little hunk is some things that almost nobody is taking advantage of on Fiverr; referral selling.

There’s no higher person on the world to advocate your service than somebody who’s simply had an incredible expertise together with your service. (Sounds obvious after you browse it, right?).

Often times, folks simply want a bit nudge (or incentive) to really fireplace off associate degree email to a colleague, or inbox a follower on Facebook.

Here are some ideas you’ll experiment with:

An improvement on what they only received, whether or not that is associate degree upgrade on the particular deliverable or one thing additional to boost it
Double abreast of the deliverable (such as two emblem ideas rather than 1)
A free order for each person they see you
Once you have got your incentive nailed down, it’s simply a case of electronic communication your purchasers once they’ve left a 5-star review.

Here’s a script you’ll use:


“Hey [client name], thanks again for your order!

Just wanted to let you know that I’m offering [incentive] in exchange for referrals. If you could mention me to anyone in your circle who might be interested in what I do, I think we could both benefit from it.

Either way, stay awesome!
[your name]”

14. Prevent Negative Feedback With This (Almost) Bulletproof Script

Not ciao past, refunding a consumer would mechanically take away any feedback left by that consumer, as well as a negative review.

While this was an inexpensive trade-off for sellers to keep up ratings on their profile, it did not precisely leave patrons with an associate accurate/reliable rating system.

The update meant that when a review is left by a consumer, it can not be modified or removed unless it breaks terms of service or the consumer is willing to switch it — even if you issue a refund.

(Personally, i do not suppose this is often the direction Fiverr ought to be taking to unravel the difficulty, however I digress…)

In response to the amendment, Fiverr sellers currently have to be compelled to be a great deal more proactive once it involves consumer satisfaction.

The trick is to line the correct expectations in your delivery message. (As in, the message you send along with your hooked up deliverable.)

Here’s another script you’ll use:

“Hey [client name], please see the attached [deliverable].

Before leaving feedback, please let me know if you have ANY issues with your [deliverable] and I’ll do everything in my power to correct it for you at no additional charge.

I want you to be 100% satisfied with my work, otherwise, I insist that you ask me for a full refund. No hard feelings.

Thank you,

[your name]”

In ninety eight of cases, even the foremost discontented shoppers can play nice when reading this message.

Reason being, although they are not happy with the deliverable, you’ve already presented them with not one, however 2 straightforward resolutions.

And the alternative 2%? Well, sadly, there square measure some folks during this world WHO would rather hurt your quality (and ultimately your income) than settle for their a refund.

In these cases, there is little or no you’ll do to fight it (which is precisely why i do not accept as true with the amendment however heigh-ho.)


15. Inject New Gigs With Targeted Traffic To Generate Engagement


“Hey, look guys, I’m sending all these people to my gig and they clearly like it, you should give me some credit here.”

Make sense?

Of course, your gig needs to be on point if you want that traffic to actually resonate and engage with your gig. This doesn’t work without a quality offering in the first place.

So the question is, how do you actually send traffic to your gigs?

My favorite strategy is to use highly-targeted Facebook groups along with something I call the “feedback technique”.

If I were promoting a video editing gig, for example, I’d join a YouTube community, integrate myself a little, and then make a post.

Here’s yet another script you can use:

Hey guys, I’d really appreciate some feedback.

I’m a freelance video editor and I’ve recently been trying to drum up more leads for my business. (Don’t worry, I know better than to pitch you here.)

I’ve just set up a gig on Fiverr, and since nothing is really happening I was hoping I could get some feedback from this community.

Here’s the gig: [insert URL]

Any ideas why it’s not converting? Any help is appreciated.

Unlike most peoples attempt to blatantly self-promote, this approach actually encourages members of the group to get on your side.

Better yet, you’ll get genuine feedback on your gig from the very people who will likely buy it.

Win-win, baby!


16. Create Gig-Specific Bonuses To Boost Client Satisfaction On A Budget

If all you take away from this article is to give an unexpected bonus on every order you get, it’ll be worth the weeks I spent writing it.

Seriously, this is one of the easiest ways to overdeliver and get clients singing about your services.

The reason most people don’t do it, however, is that it can be too expensive and time-consuming to come up with a bonus for every new order — especially when you’re only making a few bucks on it.

(Plus… people are lazy.)

The good news? You don’t have to. In fact, I advise against it.

The secret is to have something relevant enough to be genuinely useful to the client, but not so relevant that it can’t be given to other clients who order the same gig.

In other words, instead of creating bonuses that are order-specific, you need to create bonuses that are gig-specific.

To give you an example, let’s imagine I have a logo gig offering clients 1 logo concept for $20.

Which bonus would be better?

      • Bonus #1: An extra logo concept on every order
      • Bonus #2: A video showing how to edit one of my logos

While the first option is good, it requires infinitely more work to deliver vs the second option, which can recycled for every order without any additional production time.

This is how you should be approaching your free bonuses, and you can apply this kind of logic to pretty much any type of gig.

Here are some other ideas for you to chew on:

  1. A checklist
  2. A cheat sheet
  3. A PDF guide
  4. Course access
  5. Community access


Once upon a time in my life, I sold cars for a few weeks. One of the tools I learned as a salesperson is the “take back,” and that’s when you tell the client you don’t want to sell to him or her anymore. The reason to use the take-back is when the client is beating you up on price or keeps asking for extras and additional services that aren’t included in the original sale.

Same thing on Fiverr, when you get a client who wants to haggle you down to bottom dollar and then keeps asking for immediate delivery and extra services outside of what they’re willing to pay, you use the take-back: request a mutual cancellation and send a message along the lines of, “It breaks my heart, Mr. Smith, but I’m refunding your order. You don’t seem certain about what you want, and twice you’ve asked for work beyond what we agreed.

For these reasons I think it would be best if you found another seller to complete your order.” At this point, one of two things will happen: Either your client will accept the cancellation and go away, or the client will give up being problematic and get with the program. Nothing hurts a client more than saying “I don’t want your money,” so if you’re going to use the take-back, be sure it’s for a good reason.



This goes along with previous notes that positive reviews are pure gold, but a good way to establish yourself is to quickly collect a portfolio of at least 100 positive reviews by selling a killer $5 gig.

I mean, this is practically going to be charity, but doing this will collect a record of positive reviews, and this gives new clients confidence and helps them trust you. After you’ve really established yourself as a Level 2 seller, then you adjust the gig to reflect what you’re really charging.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that people will pay extortionist prices, simply bring the price up an honest reflection of the amount of work you’re doing. For example, I built my portfolio of five-star reviews selling full 10-20 minute readings for $5 each, but after I got +70 reviews, I changed my rate to $5 a minute.

This price honestly reflects my $60/hr. rate as a professional Tarot reader with +10 years’ experience, but a micro-pay format made it accessible to a wide range of clients. After I changed my prices, I made more in two days than I had in the previous two weeks combined.



Buyers love getting their gigs really fast, and I know I’ve been in the position where I check my email one last time before I go to bed just to find a couple orders sitting in the inbox.

Which is great – I love getting orders – but I learned from personal experience that the only thing buyers love more than getting their gig fast is getting a good gig, period. If you’re tired and up past your bedtime, the quality of your work is going to suffer. Unless your client is a jerk, he or she will understand that you had to go to sleep so you could finish their work while you’re alert and refreshed.

If you deliver bad work in the name of fast delivery, you’re going to lose a potential return client and might even get a four-star or lower review on the order. So respect your limits and remember that there’s a time to work, and then, there’s a time to sleep.


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Wrapping It Up…

If you want to start making money on Fiverr, you need to finally ditch the post-and-pray approach.

It doesn’t work, and it never will.

Fiverr’s algorithm runs on a set of principles that, once understood, allow you to turn this once low-level platform into a powerful sales engine for your freelance business.

Feed it with the same quality signals I’ve outlined here, and I guarantee you’ll see an amazing shift in the way Fiverr treats your gigs.

If you have any questions or you have an advanced Fiverr strategy that I haven’t covered here, please let me know in the comments.

Happy selling.



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